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Thailand For Business Events

Thailand is a destination to hold events. From International Association events, to Corporate events, to Marketing events, to Mega Events, to International Scientific events and to Sports events, the outcome is certain to meet pre-determined objectives. 

Enjoy this testimonial video of events in Thailand: http://youtu.be/ommyYiiekqw

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Thainess - the unique quality found nowhere else

The elaborately decorated Royal Barge "The Golden Swan," and a cotton rose are two significant symbols of Thailand that reflect the country's rich cultural heritage. They are often featured on the interior of temple walls to depict the cultural values of the society. But the Thai people's way of life and culture, or 'Thainess,' is not just found in murals or other artwork, because they are deeply implanted in the people's souls. Thailand boasts a strong culture, traditions, beliefs, values and customs that are unique and extraordinary - a harmonious mix of cultures intertwined with the quintessential Thai way of life. It is what makes Thailand stand out among destinations to visit, and what makes incentive and meeting programs successful, memorable, and certainly different.

Thailand offers visitors an array of vastly differing experiences. Discover the simple and slow Thai way of life, or a vibrant lifestyle, adrenaline-filled adventures, ethnic cultures, traditional performances, or spectacular natural wonders, travel programs can be designed to match participant demographics or corporate culture that will lead to a better understanding of Thainess.

Seven main attributes that compose Thainess are; Thai Fun, Thai Festivities, Thai Food, Thai Lifestyle, Thai Wellness, Thai Arts and Thai Wisdom. Travel programs have featured hands-on experiential activities that leave visitors impressed and addicted to Thailand. These clips attest to that unique quality of Thailand and her people;

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjtLxOXfJTQ#t=19   (3.25m)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OIlxntNmn8   (5.17m) 

Come to Thailand, and explore the true values and meaning of Thainess.

As a soft rebranding strategy, CDM now becomes Conference and Destination Management. Since our founding in 1988, CDM has been Creative Destination Management with the core business in incentive trip design and delivery. The new debreviation reflects more accurately the present market segments we currently serve, a trend that incentive travel and meeting programs are often intertwined, responding to the approach to maximize opportunity and budget when taking high-performing associates on travel programs.  Our dedication in partnering with planners and organizers are as strong as ever.


Crises Resilient Thailand and the role of the PCO/DMC

Bangkok has proven time and again to be a preferred destination for meetings, incentives and events despite occasional challenges, some of a global nature and some on a local level.

CDM had been working on the 46th World Congress of Surgery for 3 years as the PCO, and the final countdown started in early August 2015 when registrations peaked and exhibition space exceeded target by over 100%. 

On August 17 an explosion erupted at the famous Brahmin Shrine in downtown Bangkok, adjacent to the congress venue and main hotel, Centara Grand@CentralWorld. The unexpected occurrence caught everyone by surprise and indeed stirred up immediate reaction from delegates all over the world. The organizing committee in 4 continents held a teleconference session and the decision was to continue the congress as planned. Delegate cancellations streamed in but preparation continued. The Royal Thai Government was praised for rapid strategic recovery efforts which quickly restored confidence in the city from locals and international visitors alike. As the PCO/DMC, CDM posted the situation on the congress website to inform delegates that the situation was under control and extra security measures were adopted by the convention centre, hotels and public places.

The congress opened on Sunday August 23rd and was graciously presided by Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Walailak who delivered a lecture on the late HRH Princess Mother's highly acclaimed project: The  Medical Volunteer Foundation: the Blueprint of Surgical Care for All.

Although the congress faced a number of cancellations, on site registrations exceeded expectations whereby the total number came to 2,600 from 2,400 recorded on the day of the incident.

Social functions were well attended, from the Welcome Reception to Presidential Dinner and 6 Integrated Society dinners, and the highlight of the congress was the Thai Night held at Sampran Riverside resort outside Bangkok. Delegates were treated to a colorful cocktail reception, Thai/international buffet and a series of cultural performances. The touching finale was the floating of Krathongs as a well wishing gesture and a Firework Extravaganza announcing the next congress destination.

The world congress was in fact earlier scheduled for August 2003 in Bangkok but was cancelled in March because of the SARS outbreak. 12 years later, Bangkok was accorded another opportunity to host the event which still ascribed with a crisis, but eventually concluded with success for all concerned. CDM gained considerable experience on crisis management response and determining different levels of concerns from various nationalities as well as advisories from various governments. 

Thailand is a firm destination of choice for planners and organizers of meetings, incentive travel programs and business events.



Take to the Road - in Thailand

This might not be directly involving incentive travel as such, but the spectacular project is certainly special, demanding top logistical management, quality control and definitely a feast to the eyes. It is worth sharing.

The Road to Mandalay 2015 rally of vintage and classic cars took place between February 7-24 covering Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar in 8,110 kilometres/5,040 miles of paved and unpaved roads. Majority of the time was in Thailand, for 14 days from south to central plains to north and looping to the western border town of Mae Sot before entering Myanmar. Highlights were Khao Lak near Phuket, Kanchanaburi and the River Kwai Valley and Chiang Mai, the icing of north Thailand. Contestants navigated through sceneries of the coast, Kra Isthmus, rubber plantations, rice paddies, fruit orchards and charming villages. The experience was said to be memorable by all.

The vehicles were divided into groups of Pre 1932 & Pre 1941 Vintageants, Pre 1962 & Pre 1970 Classics  and Pre 1975 plus Porsche 911 & Mustangs. Noteworthy were the Itala 40 (1907), Rolls Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost (1924), 2 Lagonda tourers, 8 Bentleys from 1929-1952, 4 Jaguars, 2 Ford Model A's and a bevy of other eye-catching legendary roadsters. Throughout the provinces they drove through, the cars received enthusiastic welcome and countless photos and quick clips were taken by excited and impressed spectators.

Thailand is fortunately gifted with a variety of sceneries that it is often selected for travel programs of various kinds to experience, impress, inspire and simply serve the purpose of supreme enjoyment with peers and families alike. Infrastructure and facilities are generally of high standard and prices are reasonable with good value in every level. 

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