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Top Reason to Choose Thailand for Your Next Event Destination

When Thailand is mentioned, one of the first notions that come to mind would surely be Thai Cuisine. Tasty, healthy and full of variety, Thai Cuisine is one of the world's best loved and can never be without choices for foodies and those who simply appreciate good sustenance.

Perhaps not an officialmajor destination selection criteria for incentive travel and meetings, Thai Cuisine is indeed one of the most influential reasons for visiting Thailand, as nowhere else offers more authentic native repast than on its home ground.

A Thai meal is a composition of dishes with varying flavors, method of cooking and ingredients, so a good lunch or dinner is not all hot and spicy as unguided diners may have experienced. Well-chosen dishes that complement one another with a plate of vaporing steamed rice make for tasty and enjoyable eating each and every time.

Here are some of the most popular to-die-for dishes;

Tom Yum Goong or Spicy & Sour Soup with Prawn
An all time favorite dish, flavorful, sometimes fiery but always outstandingly delicious, this dish comprises spices such as lemongrass, lime leaf, galangal, crushed chili pepper, lime juice and sometimes chili paste for a bright orange color broth and making the chili flavor more pronounced. Prawn is the most preferred main feature but chicken, fish or even pork knuckle also work wonders. Straw mushroom is a traditional add on, but any type of mushroom is as good.

Massaman Gai. Massaman is a type of curry heavily dominated by Moslem foodmakers and is heavier than Thai curry formulas. Spices used are cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cumin, bay leaves, nutmeg and mace and protein inclusions are chicken (Gai) or beef or mutton or duck. The paste with spices is first fried with coconut cream, then added with meat, potato, onion, fish sauce, tamarind paste coconut milk and peanuts.

Pad Thai is a most popular one disher meal choice, usually at lunch on a busy day. It is essentially a stirfried rice noodle dish with egg, chopped firm tofu flavored with tamarind pulp, fish sauce, dried shrimp, garlic or shallots, and prawn or chicken as protein. Topped with chopped peanuts and a squeeze of fresh lime, Pad Thai is an eternal favorite Thai fast food on-the-go.

Som Tum or Green Papaya Salad combines the five main tastes of the Thai cuisine: sour lime, hot chilli, salty, savory fish sauce and palm sugar sweetness mixed and pounded in a mortar. Ingredients are shredded unripe papaya, garlic, palm sugar, lime, fish sauce, dried shrimp, tomatoes, string bean, hog plums and Thai eggplant. Som Tum is best consumed with sticky rice and is an anytime anywhere snack.

Finally, the king of Thai desserts, Mango with Sticky Rice a most scrumptious, delicious last item of an unforgettable meal.

Think of Thailand, crave for Thai cuisine, contact CDM for successful travel programs.


More venues, more choices

Bangkok is evermore the destination of choice, with more new special venues for corporate events and private functions.

The Grand Postal building was constructed in 1935 on land which was the original location of the British Embassy.  It was designed by a famous Thai architect whose work includes some buildings on the historic Ratchadamnern Avenue, among others. The building functioned as the headquarters of the Post and Telegraph Department and became a landmark on New Road in the then new developed commercial area near the Chao Phraya River. The Grand Postal Building has recently been registered National Heritage Building by the Fine Arts Department. It is now available for private functions in retro-classic ambience for 500 for banquet or 700 for cocktails. Its most notable feature is the architectural style with modern and neo classic influences which were most popular in Thailand during the period of economic decline between the revolution and WWII. 

KU DE TA continues spectacular success in the Lion City to the City of Angels.  Located on the top floor of the iconic Sathorn Square Building with 360° panoramic views,  KU DE TA offers versatile stylish function spaces, restaurants, lounges and bars with modern fine and casual dining for private events, corporate celebrations or gala dinners, with 4 main parts. Signature features hand-carved ceilings, elegant upholsteries such as elevated crocodile skin banquettes and Pullman style sofas with modern Asian menu for 120 guests. Izakaya rustic Japanese seats 102, Soundgarden offers live music with cocktails for up to 175 while Club Lounge accommodates up to 500 with the best light and sound.

Sala Rattanakosin is a small and exclusive venue with idyllic backdrop which is the Temple of Dawn by the bank of Chao Phraya River.  The kitchen serves delicious Thai cuisine prepared to an authentic taste supported by an accompaniment of international favorites with a recognizable Mediterranean flair . The rooftop bar and terrace can accommodate a maximum of 50 for cocktails and dinner can be served in the 2nd floor Restaurant. The ambience and style is most suitable for an impressive President's Club evening.  

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Thailand's Unique Attributes

Bangkok is expected to be the Number One city for international visitor arrivals in the year 2013, welcoming 15.98 million tourists from all over the world. This forecast by MasterCard tips Bangkok to overtake New York City, London and Paris which have reigned among top three spots for many years. This is in line with several other awards and recognitions by publications, print and online, and travel websites during recent years.

A good portion of this number will certainly be incentive achievers, meeting attendees, conventioneers and other business-related travelers. It is a proven fact that Bangkok draws higher number of participants if it is selected the destination for the travel programs and events.

Planners of any event often look for unique and special features for their programs as many participants will have already visited the City of Angels of the orient, since some 65% of visitors to Thailand are repeaters, an enviable fact to other destinations.

Among the uniquely Thai attributes is Thai Cuisine, which can be experienced at a Thai Cooking Class on offer with great popularity not only in Bangkok but also at all major destinations in Thailand. Thai Cooking can be offered as accompanying persons program or an interactive team bonding activity for the entire group, when a light competition is built in.

Muaythai or Thai Boxing is another prominent indigenous treasure from the country. This unique martial art has taken the extreme sport world by storm, and competitions are organized around the world, televised and promoted extensively. Muaythai Camps in Bangkok and many other locations have sprung up to meet demands of fitness enthusiasts, young and not so young, male and female who can spend a day, a few days, weeks or months experiencing, learning and training the world's most effective self defence art. Short visit to a camp during an excursion or scavenger hunt or a gala dinner in a boxing stadium can be arranged and will be the highlight of a program.

For those in a competitive and stressful corporate world, Mental Detoxification Program can be a mild but effective inclusion of a travel program. MDP is known to be highly effective in improving health, creativity, productivity & job performance while reducing and eliminating the detrimental effects of stress and anxiety, emotionally and physically. This unique program is essential to all executives, easy to implement and is very cost-effective. Ultimately, it helps one to become a more self reliant and self motivated individual. MDP can be conducted anywhere with total flexibility but is of course highly effective in a relaxing environment of a beach or mountain resort, or a Meditation Walk on serene grounds of a temple.

Thailand has so much more to offer for successful travel programs with unforgettable experiences. Contact CDM for "win win" proposals. 


Bangkok's Options Expand...

Bangkok continues to add to its portfolio more facilities and some special accommodation options.

The opulent St. Regis Bangkok enjoys the superb location in elite business and shopping surroundings. The 227 rooms including 51 suites are plushly furnished and complemented with refined amenities expected of truly luxurious hotels. 3 bars & elegant lounges and 3 exceptional restaurants offer special wining and dining experiences. 8 meeting rooms with combined space of 1,515 m2 equipped with latest technology accommodate up to 300 for banquet or 270 for classroom set up meetings, plus smaller meeting spaces. Seemless service is the norm here. The Elemis Spa and outdoor pool with a view are on the 15th floor for time well spent. Among other things, St. Regis Bangkok upholds the legacy of the Bloody Mary since its creation at the St. Regis NYC in 1934.   

Sofitel So Bangkok is distinguished as an urban design hotel with themed accommodation created around the five elements: Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and Fire. A masterpiece of design collaboration by world renown names, its features offer state of the art technology for today's lifestyle with superb comfort and trendiest everything. Room inventory and categories are 88 So Cosy, 102 So Comfy, 20 So Club, 11 So Studio, 3 So Suite Spa, 5 So Suite, 8 So Lofty and 1 So VIP - all with floor to ceiling windows for great views. 5 innovative restaurants & bars for fine dining, socializing, partying or chilling out. The location across the city's green Lumpini Park adds an enviable advantage. The pillarless Ballroom with InspiredMeetings concept is 380 m2 in area with capacity of 250 for banquet, complemented by 4 Social Rooms and The Box - a 50 m2 glass box suspended in mid-air with creative space for events and small functions. So SPA and So FIT and the infinity pool with a view top the list of essential wares for a hotel of choice.

The Okura Prestige harmoniously combines elegant Japanese style and the charm of Thai hospitality, incorporating the ACS philosophy; Best Accommodation, Cuisine and Service together with the Japanese Wa (harmony) principle, resulting in a 5-star product with unrivalled hospitality, cutting edge technology and luxurious modern comfort. The Okura Prestige is part of the award-winning Park Ventures Ecoplex building in the heart of leading commercial and diplomatic district. 240 guest rooms and suites in the 33-storey building offer impressive views of the city, are luxurious in style, contemporary in design and convenient in modern technology. Food & Beverage offerings include a Michelin Star fine dining as well as the Up & Above all day dining and bar. The Grand Ballroom's 380 m2 area accommodates 200 for banquet and 300 for cocktails, with a supplement of 3 smaller meeting rooms. The Spa and Fitness Centre and on the same floor as the stunning 25m cantilevered infinity pool anchored to the building exterior on the 25th floor.

Play, relax, indulge and reveal amid jet-setters, fashionistas, exotic designs, mystical elements and up-and-coming artists in an innovative spectrum where fashion meets culture. W Bangkok is the city's newest addition to Bangkok's ultra modern hotel scene. 407 rooms and suites comprise 244 Wonderful rooms, 106 Spectacular rooms, 19 Cool Corner rooms, 20 Studio Suites, 2 Fantastic Suites, 10 Marvelous Suites, 1 Wow Suite and 1 Extreme Wow Suite - for the serious WOW-Factor seeker. The adjacent Heritage Building, formerly Russian Embassy, offers 4 Duplex suites. Dining experience is revolutionized with upturned and infused culinary with dynamic redefining of gastronomy at the Kitchen Table whereby WOOBAR comes alive as a literary salon, music lounge, cozy parlor with signature cocktails and favorite drinks. There are over 1,300 m2 of combined event space with the Great Room accommodating 350 for banquets and 400 for receptions. Health and wellbeing are the things at AWAY Spa and SWEAT Fitness Centre.