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Around Thailand in 80 Ways

There are a lot of transportation modes in Thailand, so the surprise element in a travel program is never lacking. Coaches, minivans and sedans are of high standard, and transfers can be expedited by police escort. Bangkok's Skytrain has 2 routes for convenient exploration of the city. The ubiquitous Tuk Tuk and the long tail boat along the river and canal give visitors the true feeling of being "in" Bangkok. Outside of the capital, getting around gets more variable with the Samlor (3-wheel pedicab), the long tail which looks different in every region and several others. The horse drawn carriage is indigenous to Lampang where the Eastern & Oriental Express stops en route to Chiang Mai. The rural Oxcart, traditional in rice growing villages, is essential in harvest season during the last few months of the year. In the Gulf of Siam and the Andaman Sea, waterbound vessels are plentiful and each region has its own characteristic in shape, size and decoration. A typical day for a top level incentive program in Phuket starts with a drive to the pier by rickety pick up trucks, board ultra modern outboard motor high-horsepowered speedboats into Phang Nga Bay to a karst island, receive briefing on the escort boat and onto inflatable kayaks for a paddle through the sea cave into a hidden chamber. Back on the escort boat which cruises further into the bay to meet large long tail boats which guests board for a trip through mangrove and under a giant stalactite/stalacmite cave to finally board a spacious Chinese style junk for refreshing drinks and a well spread barbecue lunch.

Ultimately, a truly unique and royal experience is being on the back of an elephant making its way through a creek, up a hill and through a lush forest. It is an experience which has to be tried.

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Gala Dinner ... where?!?

CDM opened eyes and surprised minds when we organized a gala dinner at Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium in Bangkok in June.

The key points of the client brief were to find a venue which is unique, has never been used and which represents Thailand.

Construction on Thailand's best boxing stadium started in 1941 but was postponed because of WWII. It resumed in 1945 when the first match took place in December that year. As the stadium was built with no pillar and no roof, the roof was added as well as more seats a task considered quite an architectural and engineering challenge. Organization of boxing matches were not interrupted when construction work was carried out. By 1951 Rajadamnern was fully equipped to organize Thai Boxing matches, better known as Muay Thai, and indeed played a crucial role in presenting Muay Thai for worldwide recognition.

For the 100-guest private function, the stadium was rented out for 2 days when carpeted platforms and stages were built and fitted. Decoration was by orchids, lotus and other indigenous fragrant flowers, candles on purple and black satin and velvet table draperies while retaining much of the stadium's elements. Dinner was a 5-course East Meets West menu with main course choice.

Cocktails were outside the main gates where professional boxers and trainers showed their skills and specially created drinks were served. The evening featured several extraordinary cultural performances and a variety of musical bands including a jazz and Thai classical combo which proofed to be the ultimate party maker.

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A Revived Art

Hoon Lakhon Lek or Small Puppet Play is different from other Thai traditional puppets. Revived by Master Sakorn Yangkhiawsod (alias "Joe Louis"), consecrated National Artist in 1996, the puppet troupe is the only one in Thailand that still performs this wonderful and unique kind of puppet play. It is performed in a special way in which three manipulators control one puppet in order to give very lively and human-like movements. The most entertaining story played by Joe Louis Theatre is the Ramayana epic with several very interesting characters. Efforts are made so that specific episodes are selected to suit each function.

A performance can last 30 minutes or longer, with solo, duo and threesome sessions, coming to a finale with an adorable audience interaction - and Encore requests have always been made whenever the troupe performed. A stage is naturally not very large for such a "small" cast and the performance is complemented by a traditional Thai orchestra and vocalists. This delightful performance can be the main show or part of a series of an evening entertainment, at high tea or any time of day.

Joe Louis Theatre is captivatingly entertaining and is appreciate by any audience, not necessarily those who value art and culture, but also anyone for lighthearted entertainment. To attend a performance will render one with a long lasting memory.

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An All Time Favorite

The Rose Garden Country Resort has long been a favorite venue for traditional Thai theme evenings especially created for incentive programs and meeting events. The colorful Floating Market theme is best created around the lake for 400-1,200 participants. The enchanting Loy Krathong - the Floating Festival of Lights can be enjoyed by 60-1,500 using the lawns of varying spaces for dinner. Smaller parties are recommended to use the exquisite Ruen Kaew built of the rare golden teakwood and offering an ambience of traditional Thai lifestyle. It's a home away from home theme.

The Rose Garden is commented by some planners as being among the most well-choreographed venues in the world, and a guaranteed spectacular success. A function here sets the flow of a program in an upward direction, or is the finale to top a well-executed itinerary of a memorable experience. It is a most remembered part of a trip for many achievers.

An evening starts with coach transfer from the Bangkok hotel with police escort, welcome at the Rose Garden by dancers with flower shower, long drum troupe and elephants sporting company logo. Cocktails are enjoyed while observing demonstrations of silk weaving, umbrella painting, silversmith, pottery and other age old crafts. Barbecue buffet dinner with grilled meats and seafood, Thai delicacies, noodles cooked from a boat and an array of Thai sweets and exotic fruits. Thai culture at its best is presented with a series of performances culminating into a re-enactment of the chosen festival, with a parade of hundreds of costumed villagers inviting guests to participate. A firework extravaganza with company logo or message sets a long lasting memory of the evening.

Thailand is an incentive destination that impresses corporate decision-makers and inspire achievers. Contact CDM for program proposals with a unique experience.