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Presenting information on new facilities, ideas, destinations or topics of current interest for incentives, meetings and special interest travel in Thailand, Indochina and Myanmar. This page is updated every 3 months, so please visit us again


Legendary Home

A new venue in central Bangkok has become available for private functions. It is a 2-acre property on Sathorn Road amongst high rise towers and bank headquaters. Transfers will be within 15 minutes from most hotels.

MR Kukrit's (kuk-rit) house, recently declared a museum, was the home of Mom Ratchawong (prince) Kukrit Pramoj who was one of Thailand's most colorful personalities, a former prime minister and a scholar who excelled as a writer, actor, philosopher, columnist, all in one. He was invited to act opposite Marlon Brando in The Ugly American, a skit on Southeast Asian and US politics.

The house neither boasts splendid architecture nor grand decoration but rather a landmark that has paved the way for new chapters in Thai history, politics, culture and literature, as it had welcomed foreign dignitaries from far and wide, from all walks of life; all were honored guests at his home, but most of all to show the Thai way of life in a traditional Thai home.

The evening starts with cocktails as guests browse through the house and grounds. There are traditional Thai style buildings featuring the reception room, the sitting room, the family shrine. the book room, the bird pavilion and the sleeping room. The garden has a collection of miniature trees, similar to but not the same as the Japanese Bonsai. AT the end of the garden is the large multi-purpose hall where guests were received and khon dances were performed

Dinner is set on the spacious lawn surrounded by a small canal and entertainment by Thai string orchestra followed by a performance of khon depicting scenes from the ancient Ramayana epic which was Prince Kukrit's favourite performing art which he also excelled in. At this house, groups of 30-80 can dine on the ground level of the house while the lawn can accommodate up to 300. Volunteer guides will be on hand to elaborate on the house, the exhibits and the legendary owner.

Contact CDM for unusual off site function possibilities that will help make an incentive or special interest program to Thailand a unique experience


The Art of Giving

Incentive travel programs are not without pillow gifts with meaningful sentiments. Best ideas are indigenous items of long lasting usefulness, with possible tie-in of the corporate identity. Thailand offers plenty of ideas for artful gifts. CDM prepares each gift item, accompanied by written descriptions, in tasteful packaging usually in wrapping by saa paper made from Mulberry tree bark in selected colors.

Beside handicrafts which Thailand is known for, miniature Buddha amulets are best presented after a parcitipatory alms-offering activity; and symbolic Feng Shui items such as the Toad of Wealth,the 3 Coins and the Dragon Horse can also be good gifts.

Some of the CDM specials are the Eco Box and Fruits & Spices Basket. Thailand's waterways are well filled with water hyacinth (eichhornia crassipes solms), the freshwater weed originated in Java and now abundant everywhere in Thailand. The plant multiplies so quickly that it effectively blocks canals and covers ponds in a short time. Thai's have devised ways to get rid of them and also benefit from them by making furniture and decorative items.

Our eco-box is woven hyacinth and contents are representational products from Thailand including a raw silk scarf, multi-color incense sticks, glazed ceramic incense burner, salt & pepper shakers made from coconut shell, wooden chopsticks and chopstick rest, herbal scenetd candles, herbal massage oil and set of herbal shampoo and body lotion.

A large basket filled with tropical fruit such as mangosteen, lychee, sapodilla, rose apple are sprinkled with small bags of chilies, galanga, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves the main ingredients for the world famous Tom Yam Goong sour & spicy soup. Research has it that this is a very healthy dish, a great side benefit apart from being very appetizingly tasty.

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The year 2002 has been declared Meet in Thailand, with the above campaign name being activated by Tourism Authority of Thailand, national carrier Thai Airways Internationa and the private sector of Thai tourism industry. Efforts are being made to attract international conventions and meeting events, in addition to the large scale events already confirmed in 2002: the World Congress of Gastroenterology, Boy Scout Jamboree and others. The campaign has begun and the offers are applicable to events booked during January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2002, to take place anytime during and after campaign period.

Meeting planners will be offered benefits and assistance's not only to facilitate their events but also to bid for them. Spearheading the campaign is TAT's list of attractive offers such as provision of shell brochure for announcement printing, posters for promotion printing, video and destination brochure, cultural performance at the opening ceremony and co-ordination with concerned authorities. Thai Airways International offers support in terms of special airfares, tickets for bidding trips and promotion of the event through their network.

In addition, value-added offers from meeting venues, convention hotels, professional convention organizers and destination management companies represent joint efforts of the entire industry to place Thailand on the map as The Place To Meet. A special feature is a VIP card with discounts at participating shopping establishments, stored-value pass on the new Bangkok Sky train and many more privileges.

A colorful brochure is being sent to meeting planners and decision-makers of international conventions worldwide. It provides campaign details and lists the numerous benefits Thailand is offering for staging an event at The Place To Meet-Amazing Thailand.

Thailand is a perfect place for meetings. Contact CDM for destination information, venue proposal, program suggestion and all coordination needs.


The House on the Klong

Bangkok has a new function room. Jim Thompson House has long been a must see attraction for visitors to Bangkok with a penchant for culture, traditions and indigenous lifestyle. The private museum, often called "House on the Klong" (klong means canal) relives history of the Legendary American who took notice in the extraordinary quality of Thai silk woven in remote villages and introduced it to the fashion world. The house is reconstructed from 5 homes brought in from upcountry Thailand to settle on the bank of Saensaeb canal in central Bangkok. It is decorated with antiques and artifacts from Thailand and the region collected over the years by the King of Thai Silk until his mysterious disappearance over 3 decades ago.

An area in the house compound has been constructed with a 2-storey wooden building in traditional architecture masterfully blending with the Museum and landscaped garden. Downstairs is a retail outlet with an array of wonderful products while the bar and function room are upstairs.

The function room has an area of 1,800 square feet with capacity of 120 for cocktails and 90 for dinner with full bar and kitchen facilities. It is air-conditioned and is spaciously laid out with the teakwood walls and polished floor exerting oriental elegance. The bar is another 1,000 sq.ft with large glass windows overlooking a lotus pond and lush gardens of the Jim Thompson House Museum, tastefully decorated with silk sofas and teakwood furniture. A function here expresses everything oriental, tropical and exotic.

This is a perfect venue for cocktails or dinner for small groups with theme entertainment and an informal talk on culture, history, Asian art and other subjects of interest by a local personality.

Bangkok and indeed Thailand offers wide choices of special events for incentives and special interest group travel programs. Contact CDM for tailor-designed program proposals with inclusions of special places and people.


Bangkok Losing Reputation

Bangkok is losing its reputation, since December 5, 1999, of being a traffic-congested city. The Bangkok Skytrain (BTS) inaugurated service on H.M. The King's Birthday and has been unstoppable ever since, ringing praises and admiration. Built with a budget of US$50 million, two lines, total 15 miles, serve the riverside, business districts, shopping and residential areas with the combined 25 stops. The BTS operates during 6 a.m. to midnight. At its peak, an estimated 600,000-passenger count is expected to use the BTS on a daily basis. This means a largely-reduced number of cars in the city, facilitating better traffic flow and providing convenience to locals and visitors alike. Moreover, electric power means no pollution. Tracks are on viaducts supported by pillars 12 metres above ground, accessible by stairways and escalators at some stations. Automatic fare collection system offers both single journey and store-valued tickets.

Smart hotels and shopping centers quickly adapted to this phenomenon. 2 downtown upmarket shopping centers built connecting entrances from the stations directly into their premises. Hotels advertise BTS stations nearest to their properties. Maps are distributed to visitors. Shopping and Dine-Around have never been easier. Tips: The north line starts at Chatuchak Weekend Market and ends 2 miles short of BITEC. The south line starts near Shangri-La's Krung Thep wing and ends near Jim Thompson's House.

This clean and convenient public transport has given Bangkok a promising outlook as a modern and friendly metropolitan, and with the renown hospitality of the Thais, visitors do have a splendid time in our City of Angels. Bangkok is, more than ever, a must for travel programs to Thailand.