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More Fun Gettin' Round

The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system has commenced operation since April 2004. Called the subway, the underground or the metro, the 20-kilometre underground electric train is the latest addition of efficient, pollution free and a convenient mean of getting around in Bangkok, a much welcome addition to the BTS Skytrain since its opening in 1999.

The modern heavy rail air-conditioned trains are 3 meters wide and run on electric power controlled from the operations center. Average speed is 35 kilomerres/22 miles an hour although highest speed is 80 kms/50 miles an hour. All safety systems are most modern and well in place. Each train has 3 or 6 bogeys, each with 320-passenger capacity. They arrive every 2 to 6 minutes depending on the time of day.

The 18 MRT stations are conveniently located at residential, commercial and shopping areas with 2, 3 and 4 exit points. The stations are 2, 3 and some are 4-storey deep, all air-conditioned and equipped with escalators and elevators. 3 stations are close to BTS stations, making it more convenient to combine the two modes of quick and smooth transportation. Fares range from US$ 0.35 to US$1 and, like the BTS, can be purchased single journey or store valued.

To travel the entire route takes just 30 minutes, so an average journey is merely 10 minutes. The trains run from 6 a.m. to midnight and are expected to help lighten road traffic even more.

Useful stops are Chatuchak Weekend Market, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Saladaeng (for Lumpini Park and Patpong) and Ladprao for Sofitel Central Plaza hotel and Bangkok Convention Center.

Thailand is ever more the place to be, often receiving high votes by international publications, some of which were:
  • Bangkok - Best Tourism City in Asia and the third Best Tourism City in the world - Travel & Leisure Magazine, July 2003 
  • Thailand - most favourite destination - Lonely Planet's 30th anniversary on-line survey, January 2004
  • 2nd place - Best Asia Pacific City 2003 - Cond Nast Traveler (Chiang Mai in north Thailand was 4th place)
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Eastern Ways

Meetings can benefit from introducing some of the east's ancient methods of personal health development.

A good basic exercise choice, the Tai Chi is the ancient Chinese form of training for both the body and the mind. Instructors will lead participants for about an hour either outdoor or indoor, after breakfast and before commencement of the first morning meetng session.

The Chinese Fan Dance is a flowing exercise requiring balance and a sense of rhythm. This usually fascinates participants most, and receive the concentration it deserves.

The Hermit Stretch is perhaps most beneficial that participants can easily practise back home and continuously. It is an ancient Thai stretching exercise practised by hermits in the olden days. It is said to cure many ailments and improve blood circulation.

A more advance implementation will be the Thai Sword Dance, an exercise-cum-dance practised by sword fighters before the fight begins, requiring strong balance and certain level of agility.

When in the orient, meeting participants can learn and benefit from these eastern cultural aspects, resulting in a better understanding of mental and physical discipline, and perhaps a more harmonious team relationship mindset responsive to some of your corporate objectives.

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One Hundred Museums

That's right. There are some 100 museums in and around Bangkok and the environs, both official and private. Travelers recognize museums as excellent ways to learn of a locality, the people and their way of life that can best be expressed and related.

The National Museum was the first to have been opened to the public by King Rama VII in 1926. Its grand compound of acres features buildings of significance such as the ones which was the residence of the prince successors of the first five kings of the Chakri dynasty. Now the exhibits are in 3 main groups: Thai History, History of Art and Archaeology in Thailand, and The Fine Arts and Humanity

The 100 museums can be geographically divided into 13 groups or routes, so a Museum Hopping Day can be easily done and well enjoyed if planned with a good balance of subjects complemented by sightseeing opportunities.

Of high interest to hobbyists will be photography, film, stamp, silk, clock, ceramics, bicycle, animal horns, feline, and the royal elephant. Also, the numerous folk museums are of great value for studying traditional and ruralThai life.

Several private residences in traditional Thai style are now museums such as the famous Jim Thompson, Kukrit House, Rama II Park and Kamthieng House at Siam Society.

Then there are military museums such as the Canon Museum with 40 old respectable pieces from Ayutthaya and Ratanakosin eras; as well as museums of the 3 armed forces most notably the air force with some well-maintained aeroplanes.

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Beating Tradition

Beating of the drums is probably the oldest of musical forms. Not unlike the beating heart, signifying tradition that is full of life's energy: that is colorful, vibrant , diverse…

This is the latest theme created to present a lively, cultural and traditional evening in an unconventional way.

The function organized for some 800 guests was at the BEC-Tero Hall at Suan Lum Night Bazaar. In the cocktail area was an exhibit of various types of drums and other percussion instruments, some of which are rare and ancient pieces from a private collection. At curtain down after cocktails, guests were welcomed by a crescendo of drums before the formal opening of the evening with speeches followed by an east-meets-west dinner intertwined with tunes by a Thai ensemble and the all time favorite Boy Thai Band. The impressive Sat Chatri dance had 18 male and female dancers in glittering costumes breezing through the heart stomping tempo. The grand battle had 30 monkey and demon troops skirmishing on stage and the floor. Of special interest were the Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) fighters with traditional hand cloth instead of gloves, exhibiting some effective uses of the feet, the knee and the elbow.

Several types of Thai drum were used throughout, and all combined for a farewell medley as the function came to an end.

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